Competitive Smash

The UltRank 2022, previously the PGR, lists the top players in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This list is updated every few months so check back every now and again! It is run by members of the teams behind the OrionRank, EchoRank and OmegaRank. 

LumiRank 2023

The top 10 was presented live during Genesis 9. The UltRank will be a full replacement for the PGR, for all future rankings and likely the most popular ranking system used by majors to seed tournaments. Major events include MkLeo reigning as number 1 sense the start of Ultimate. He seems like he has no plans of letting that go any time soon. Acola also jumped up to the number 2 spot above Sparg0. 

Check out the Orion Rank Here!